About UK Ambulance Sales

UK Ambulance Sales Ltd is a specialist supplier of new, used ambulances and wheelchair accessible vehicles along with a wide variety of ambulance equipment and uniform. What makes us different from most other suppliers is our expert knowledge of these types of vehicles and equipment. Our management team have been involved in the ambulance sector for over 17 years and what is unique is that we have first hand experience in working in ambulances both within the private and NHS sectors. Therefore we believe that we know what makes a good ambulance conversion. With that knowledge and experience we can talk to our customers on equal terms and honesty with the products that we are selling.

We believe in competitive pricing so that the customer gets value for money. With a wide variety of sources we are able to locate vehicles to suit most customers needs. Our stock levels change almost on a daily basis so with just a phone call to one of our team we can give details of our current stock, what’s due in shortly and also if there is a specific vehicle you are looking for we can source it for you.